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Comm Solutions BuildingCommunication Solutions started back in 1989 as one of the very first Motorola Dealers in Colorado! We are headquartered in Colorado Springs and offer our services throughout Southern Colorado. Communication Solutions strives to provide World Class Customer Service through our team of professionals by building trust and mutual respect with our customer, our vendors, and our employees.

Communication Solutions began in the garage of Larry Henderson back in 1989. As one of the very first Motorola Dealers in Colorado, we continue to provide world class products and services to our world class customers. The current owner since 2004, Doug LaRoy, has been working with Motorola Solutions and their line of products for over 27 years. His commitment to excellence and building long lasting relationships with his customers continues to be a cornerstone in the success of Communication Solutions.


We specialize in a wide range of wireless communication products to our ever-expanding customer base in Southern Colorado. 

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In the mountain region of Colorado, our team successfully installed and maintains a small E911 dispatch center that includes a 911 call answering system and a state of the art touch screen radio dispatching console that controls both VHF and 800 MHz talk groups to dispatch 1st responders throughout their county.

In El Paso County, we have designed and lead the way in emergency communications for many local school districts. These emergency digital two-way radio systems provide quick and easy access to security and headquarter personnel in the event of a school or district wide emergency.

All our emergency radio systems include free training of school personnel on how to properly use the radio equipment and how to follow standard response protocols for numerous different types of emergencies.

Many of our customers require radio communications beyond their property or district. With the installation of the Motorola iP site connect radio system, customers are no longer tied to limited radio coverage. We can literally connect radio systems within a building, a city, a county, or practically any location where communication is required. From the gas and oil fields in Southern Colorado, to 5-star world class resorts, a Motorola two-way radio communication system can truly communicate beyond the 4 walls and to the world!

Using the Motorola Wave platform, we also provide communication from any smartphone device directly to your two-way radio system. This platform allows owners and managers the ability to stay connected with their team whether they are in the same city or are across the world on vacation; if an internet connection is available you have access to your radio system.

The state of the art MOTOTRBO line of digital radio equipment has resulted in limitless possibilities. Looking for a work ticketing and tracking program to streamline your service requests? Done!  Do you need to track your fleet of vehicles around the county? Done! How about tracking your employees around and inside your facility? Yep, we can do that too! If you can dream it up, we can probably design a system to meet your specific needs.

Bottom line? Communication Solutions is your one stop source for high quality
Motorola two-way radio products and services.